The Brisbane Parkour Association offers a range of parkour classes, workshops and training across Brisbane and surrounds. We encourage you to get out and explore your city in a totally new way, overcome obstacles, get fit, have fun, meet new people and develop a skillset that will increase your confidence and ability in everyday life.

Our instructors are all qualified under the Australian Parkour Association’s Instructor Qualification program, ensuring high standards for Parkour instruction, safety and experience. All instructors carry ‘Working with Children Check’ Blue Cards and there will always be a Level 2 first aid qualified instructor at every class.

Suitable for absolute beginners aged 12 and over of any fitness level, the first timers class is a requirement to attend our other classes. This class includes discussion about various aspects of Parkour and training, and covers fundamental movements required in Parkour and our other classes. It is only required that you attend first timers class once, but if you would like to go through it multiple times that is fine. Check the booking calendar for the next available class

First Timers


You must have attended a first timers class before attending a Parkour fundamentals class. Parkour fundamentals classes cover all the fundamental movements of Parkour and many other aspects of Parkour including strength and conditioning training, stretching and the philosophy behind Parkour and the training methods involved.

Parkour fundamentals classes are suitable for all ages and skill levels, from those just starting out to the more advanced who may want to hone some of the more basic techniques.



Progression classes take what you have learnt from Fundamentals classes and get you to apply it in different situations. The classes also show you various training methods and ideas used within Parkour practice, continuing to build upon your base and develop further as a practitioner of Parkour.

You must have a firm grasp of the fundamentals before attending progression classes as the fundamentals aren't taught in this class, only progressions and variations on them.



Beyond Basics training is designed to be demanding. Expect to strive for higher levels of technical proficiency, more intense physical conditioning and a deeper understanding of what it means to train Parkour. You will be asked to push hard both physically and mentally, sometimes beyond your comfort zone. Bring your warrior spirit and a sense of adventure.

Beyond Basics Students must be able to confidently:
Do a climb-up from a dead hang without using your elbows, Run 2km in under 10 minutes, Roll on concrete, Speed Vault, Dash Vault, Lazy Vault, Turn Vault, Cat Pass, Precision, Arm Jump, Wall Run, Tic Tac, Forward and Reverse Underbar.

If you are not up to scratch in terms of skill level or fitness and it impacts on the running of the class and other students training, you will be asked to leave with a refund being given. Check the booking calendar for the next available class.

Beyond Basics


Kids Classes

Open to boys and girls, ages 7 to 11. Introducing the fundamentals of Parkour training. The 1 hour sessions cover safety, preparation, technique and fitness using a range of teaching and learning styles, from progressive skill tuition to games and movement puzzles.

Where and when:
See the schedule below for available classes and location information.



Private Classes

Private tuition is available for all types of training goals:
General fitness, Strength and conditioning, Technique tuition, Performance preparation (including stunt training), Cross training, First timers sessions, Small group training.

Whether you require a private one-off “Introduction to Parkour” session or a complete training package, your trainer will ensure you are suitably challenged.

Tuition fees vary depending on your individualised program and type of package required. Please contact us to arrange a training package to suit your needs.

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